Environmentally responsible community organizations

The following communities, constituted in the form of associations, civil societies and cooperatives are the ones the National Protected Areas Council (CONAP) has granted forest management concessions in the Maya Biosphere Reserve area. Toghether, they created FORESCOM as their business platform in order to consolidate the regions timber supply, to add value to their raw materials and to sell to domestic and international markets.

  • Cooperativa Unión Maya Itzá, R.L. - UMI
  • Cooperativa Carmelita, R.L.
  • Cooperativa Técnica Agropecuaria.
  • Asociación Forestal Integral Cruce a la Colorada - AFICC
  • Asociación Forestal Integral San Andrés Petén - AFISAP
  • Sociedad Civil Laborantes del Bosque
  • Sociedad Civil Organización, Manejo y Conservación / Uaxactún
  • Sociedad civil Árbol Verde
  • Sociedad Civil Custodios de la Selva - CUSTOSEL